Audio Transcription

Do you have interviews that need transcribing?

Outsourcing your work can save you money.  What other reason do you need to contact CAW Secretarial Services?  You will be amazed at how I can help you.

I can accurately transcribe all, but not limited to, of the following: one-to-one interviews, conferences, straightforward dictation or medical transcription.

Factors to take into consideration are quality of recording, accents of people speaking, number of people speaking and speed at which people speak.  A one hour tape could take four hours to type, but to allow for printing, proofreading and posting could require five hours work.  All documents would be returned via email or can print documents on clients own letterhead.

For a chat or free no obligation quote please contact me by phone or email.

Cost:    £18.00 per hour

There is an automatic discount for senior citizens, charities, people with disabilities, dyslexics, NHS staff, students or low income earners* (available on receipt of relevant ID card or proof of benefit entitlement).  *Full price will be charged without the relevant ID.

VAT is not applicable.


Prices quoted may be subject to change without notice.